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Mobile App productsMobile App & Software Products

Several innovative mobile apps, supporting both Android and iOS platforms, are released to consumers for use, free of charge.

These apps are designed using mobile GPS and geo location ability to quickly highlight and identify best deals, promotions & services and to also highlight scams, warnings and issues regarding products and the services in the area.

Millennium encourages the consumers to use these powerful products to quickly benefit from the most recent updates in their area. Go to Mobile App & Software Products

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Industrial productsIndustrial Products

Millennium has released first of many to come commercially available industrial products, USB Power Delivery Analyzer

Millennium will continue to offer several low cost popular serial analyzers. Many years of design and development of high-tech products enables Millennium to offer leading edge products with powerful specifications, software and GUI. Go to Industrial products

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Services, Design & TestServices, Design & Test

Millennium Systems Design engineers have an over a century combined experience of design and test. The management and the team can offer this experience to the clients with outsourcing requirements

Please contact us with a brief of your requirement so that we can decide if there is a match. Go to Services, Design & Test

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Mobile App & Software Products

  • Albaloo
  • GeoBlogger
  • OpenBook
  • iHomeNet
  • zzesty

Albaloo provides the most powerful Shopping & Classified App. Share your shopping experiences with friends.

Albaloo's mission is to give users power over their shopping experience. By seamlessly connecting shoppers to sellers for best deals through a mobile application.

Albaloo makes finding the best offers and services more accessible to users.

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Start blogging on the go with the GeoBlogger app! You can easily publish posts with pictures, videos, labels and location information.

It also works in offline mode, so no internet connection is needed to use this app. Posts can be published when connection is available.

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Quickly Browse or Post ratings on products, services, merchants and people as well as warnings on Dangers, Scams, Lost & Found, food contaminations, etc… Or Recommend & Praise unique Products & Services.

Users are automatically warned about tourist scams, theft or pickpockets, unsafe places & events in the nearby area or places they identify.

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Owners/Management/Tenants/Vendors stay connected through iHomeNet

  • Notify residents of important upcoming events/services without having to post flyers
  • Look up the recommended vendors & services by your satisfied neighbors
  • Refer to all new and archived copies of the condo documents and notifications
  • Make an on line request to reserve the facilities
  • Have the critical notices go to your calendar
  • List your property for sale and or rent
  • See what is available to buy or rent in a given condo, or have the software recommend you the similar properties in the neighborhood.
  • List your product and services for the neighborhood to see

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A picture Worth a Thousand Words.

  • View the most beautiful and descriptive images and videos; rated as Most Recent, Most Popular, From Your favorite Person, etc.
  • Create private albums for family and friends to share
  • Follow those who you admire
  • Post images and entice people to join you; Places to go, food, fashion, etc…
  • Chat and comments on others creativities

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Industrial products

  • USB Power Delivery Analyzer
  • USB Power Delivery Compliance Test
USB Board

USB Power Delivery Analyzer

The USB Power Deliver Analyzer is the first of many low cost yet capable serial analyzers offered by Millennium Systems Design. The hardware is able to be field programmed to trigger and decode several serial protocols up to 2 Mbps. Each software decode may be acquired separately.

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USB Power Delivery Compliance Test

The USB Power delivery Compliance Test product enables users to simulate various conditions outlined in the latest USB specifications. This product can act as host or device and negotiate with the other side for power delivery or power requirement. It can also create anomaly conditions and it is capable of measuring and recording the events so that the USB designers can test their products to assure meeting the compliance test before releasing it to the market.

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Mobile App development

Need to outsource your mobile app for quick, cost effective and hassle free result?

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Industrial Products

Industrial Products

Need to outsource your product design? We have experienced engineers for Hardware, Software and FPGA Design

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Our Partner

HexoSys provides the engineering services to the high-tech companies in the form of hardware and software design and implementation. Development also comprises of a comprehensive and systematic QA validation cycle conducted on the designs to ensure for a successful deployment of the product into the market.
MitroTek is Swedish software development company that specializes on creating custom mobile applications across multiple platforms. MitroTek is engaged in developing several software products for Millennium Systems Design

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Millennium Systems Design

A privately founded company since 2009 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, is a 4th successful company with founders & management from Silicon Valley. The management has been very successful in developing many different product lines in the last 35 years and are now focusing to develop software and mobile App product. For more details please see our product offering details on our “Products & Services” page.